Confessions of Cultural Heretics

"When the whole world is running headlong towards the precipice, one who walks in the opposite direction is looked on as being crazy." T.S. Elliot

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money

As a stay at home mom, I feel it is part of my job to continually be looking for ways to economize and save money. To make this realistic, I found it helpful to start by attempting one thing at a time. Perfecting my homemade bread took time and if I had been trying to learn how to make yogurt or can at the same time, I doubt I would have stuck with anything very long.

  1. Make your own bread– I have been using this recipe for almost 2 years now and over time have altered it to include ultragrain flour for a fiber and whole grain boost, using Eagle Mills Ultra grain unbleached all purpose flour.  It is fantastic even after the loaf has been frozen.  If you have a good stand mixer, it is even easier and requires no kneading!
  2. Make your own Yogurt-our three year old inhales yogurt and can easily go through 2 quarts a week himself.  We received this model from my wonderful mother in law for Christmas and the yogurt it has produced has been thick and creamy.
  3. Make your own laundry detergent-with a new baby in cloth diapers and a toddler who is potty training, the washer is pretty much constantly going. Good detergent is SO expensive, so I found this really simple laundry detergent recipe
  4. Use cloth diapers-we use the unbleached Indian cotton prefolds  with the rumparooz one size fits all covers.
  5. Can and/or Freeze fresh produce from your garden or local market-I have been blessed with a wonderful neighbor who taught me how to can and a mother who is just a phone call away for quick questions. This book is a great introduction to a variety of techniques for those who are just beginning or in need of brushing up some rusty skills.



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