Confessions of Cultural Heretics

"When the whole world is running headlong towards the precipice, one who walks in the opposite direction is looked on as being crazy." T.S. Elliot

Mommy’s Medicine Bag

Being married to a doctor sure does have its perks. If one of the boys spikes a fever of 105, breaks a finger in a door, splits open their eyebrow, or gets swarmed by fire ants (all hypothetical examples of course), free medical advice is always just one call away. But there are times when Daddy’s medicine won’t work, that’s when you need “Mommy’s medicine”.   So without further ado, here’s a list of the things in my medicine bag for treating the common ailments of childhood:

1. chewable papaya enzyme

Think of it as a more appealing alternative to cod liver oil. For stomach upsets of any kind (especially the highly suspicious bed time stomach pain), I give the boys a few papaya to chew on. I have to admit, this was something my parents always kept on hand when we were kids and it tasted so good, we would sometimes sneak pocket fulls of papaya to snack on. Then we would get a stomach ache, then our parents would give us some papaya. 🙂

2. MelaGel

This is a topical salve that contains tea tree oil and has soothing properties for everything from bug bites, sore hangnails, scrapes and scratches. I keep a disk in my purse because I am the mother of sons and we live in the south, so their limbs are always covered with bites and scrapes.

3. Arnica cream-

This ointment is the only homeopathic that REALLY works for our family.( I’m not saying that from lack of trying either.)  It is great for soothing  sore or pulled muscles, promoting bruise healing and I have even found it to be very helpful for easing pregnancy back pain.

4. Pinxav-

My firstborn is a blondie and super fair skinned and we had quite the time of it fighting diaper rashes, especially when he was teething. We tried all the usual ointments, then were introduced to this old fashioned, thick, magical stuff. We were able to find it at our Kroger pharmacy at the time and the original tub we bought over four years ago, we still have and it still is working its wonders on our second born.



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